Angus Vine, Paper -books and the Reform of Learning

Michael Stolberg, Note-taking and the Rise of Empirical Observation in 16th-century Medical Practice

Fabian Krämer,  Ulisse Aldrovandi, Francis Bacon, and the Use of Paper Technology in Renaissance Natural History

William Sherman, Word and Image in the Renaissance Notebook

Adam Smyth,  Invention: Literary Creativity in a Network of Notebooks

Ann Blair, Early Modern Attitudes Toward Delegating Copying and Note-taking

Richard Yeo, John Locke’s Notes and Baconian Information

Nicholas Popper, Notes in Space: Geography and Note-taking in Early Modern Europe

Elaine Leong, Note-taking for Health: Medical Notebooks in the Early Modern Household

Jacob Soll, Towards a History of the British Notebook, from Bacon to Wedgwood

Staffan Müller-Wille, “Fragments of a Natural Method”: How Linnaeus Explored Plant Odours, Tastes, and Virtues on Paper

Volker Hess and Andrew Mendelsohn, Industrialization of the Medical Notebook


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